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why would you want just average photos

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Why Studio Limelight Sports ?


Paperless ordering. No paper envelopes. Coaches/Board Members do not have to pass out and keep track of any orders.

Parents get to see their child's photo BEFORE they purchase and choose from multiple poses to get the absolute best photo of their child(ren).

We make ordering easy for families with more than one child in your league. Families with multiple children only have to place ONE order! 

Online ordering. All ordering is done on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Products shipped directly to home. Coaches/Board Members don't have to pass out picture orders.

Revolutionary, streamlined photo day experience. We keep your photo day on time!

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This is what parents could be getting...

Modern, unique, and digitally hand crafted photos and designs that players and parents love and are worth every penny! 

Studio Limelight uses the best lighting and green screen technology.  Our talented team of editors create stunning and creative images that make each player feel like a superstar. Our friendly photographers and staff will pose each child for multiple shots for their individual as well as the team Memory Mate composite. To help parents feel safe our team photos are digitally designed and created from the players individual photo which allows for social distancing.  Each player's photos will also be available with a transparent background to give them many creative options when placing orders through our store in their online gallery. 

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youth sports

Photography proposal

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Thank you for reviewing our proposal as we know how busy you and your team are.


Our goal is to provide your organization with a great resource that will help you grow and be successful as well as providing the parents, players, and families of your organization the absolute highest quality photos and products for an affordable price and a simple and easy process from start to finish. 


This proposal will help introduce our company, all the great services and products we offer, the costs and the reasons why Studio Limelight Sports is the perfect choice for your next upcoming season.


We have many unique and great ways to help you improve the way the memories our children are making are captured, we look forward to discussing them in more detail and answering any and all your questions. 


Richard Harris

and the Studio Limelight team


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Father, coach, community member, photographer and business owner.


Besides being a business owner here in Mid Michigan for the past 24 years and a professional photographer for the past 18, Richard has been very active as a baseball coach and parent of a child involved in numerous DARA and Grand Ledge programs. These experiences have inspired Richard to expand our studio photography department and began researching and creating an all around better experience for players and parents.


As an athlete growing up and proud Dad now, Richard understands how important these moments are. Richard’s attention to detail and always wanting to be the best has been contagious amongst the team at Limelight. Our teams love and passion for capturing life's special moments and serving our communities will shine in the experience your players, parents, and organizations will have with Studio Limelight Sports.


Richard Harris

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Our goals are to simply provide a great service at an affordable price that improves and creates the best experience for each parent, player, coach, and athletic organization.


Our objectives are to:  

- Work individually with each organization to fulfill their needs.


- Create an efficient and organized day of process


- Provide an ample amount of professional and friendly team members


- Offer high quality traditional and new creative photos


- Improve ordering process and offering fast turn around times


- Provide direct mailing to each person who is making orders


- Offer online viewing and future ordering

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STREAMLINE PROCESS: Picture day made easy with our colorful and directive outdoor advertising, displays, and tents. Contact-less ordering and fast delivery. 

COMPETITIVE PRICING: Our team has conducted a vast amount of research into creating the best prices for the highest quality products possible. 

UNIQUE AND CREATIVE PRODUCTS: We know everyone loves the memory mates, but wait until they see what we can do! Our creative team will bring the exciting world of composite editing to give players and parents a super creative way to capture the season.  

GIVING BACK: We know what it takes to run a successful organization and understand that every penny counts. That is why we are happy to give back 10-25% of all profits from every order. 

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GETTING STARTED: Contact our studio to discuss dates and times that work best for your program. After the final details, date(s) and rain make up dates are selected, we complete the reservation and you’re all set. 

A GUIDE TO SUCCESS: Approximately 2 weeks prior to your photo day, Studio Limelight will provide a link to our “Easy, fast, and fun guide to the perfect picture day” to share with all parents and coaches. This guide will familiarize everyone with what to expect, how to order and each organizations personalized code. This code will be used to receive texts when the gallery goes live and for all directions and updates.

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY: Our friendly staff will welcome all the teams and parents and direct players and coaches to the “Arrival Area” and the parents to the “Image Ordering” tent. Once teams are all together in the “Arrival Area”, they will proceed to the “Registration” tent to check in. Once checked in, our Registration team member will then introduce your team to their photographer. The photographer will then capture 3 shots of each player for individual composites and 2 photos for the team composite. While players get their photos taken parents can view many of our products and begin the contact-less ordering process. At that time, players and teams will have completed their photos and they can Plaaaaayy ball.   

ORDERING & DELIVERY PROCESS IS A HOME RUN: Completely contact-less and each order is delivered to each person directly. Persons making orders will see clear signs as well as being told by our staff in the Image Ordering tent to text a code for them to receive all team gallery updates including the second it goes live. Galleries go live generally between 7-10 business days following the day of shoot. In the gallery, we provide a Memory Mate composite design for each player individually and another design for the individual and the team. Our gallery store also offers a huge selection of really unique and fun products. A large portion of the products we offer will be available to view at the “Image Ordering” tent on picture day. Additional Orders are customized by each person with the option of selecting their child's cut out and adding it to any of our insanely cool composite backgrounds. Orders are then delivered within 5-7 business days directly to their homes. 

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Sport Photography layout and flow INDIVI

Fast, fun, efficient, and organized 

Our fun and professional staff and smooth process will welcome parents, players, and coaches with a festive environment with clearly labeled directions and an easy flow for photos and ordering.  

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to capture your favorite player

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Modern, creative, exactly what you've been waiting for.

Studio Limelight creates the products that we've all hoped and wished for. Our team of photographers and editors, using the best lighting and green screen technology, makes your favorite player look and feel like a superstar.  

Delivered directly to each person within 5-7 business days from the time of ordering

8x12 Composite memory mate only $19.95

Customizable individual player and team prints

Choose your favorite pose and select your favorite background from multiple fun, cool, and modern backgrounds.

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Average print prices range from $10-$25



Please contact me with more information and to discuss the many benefits of working with Studio Limelight. 

When is the best day and time to call?

01:00 PM

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